365 Project: Day 76

Day 76

Day 76. Still feels like Summer today, even here in Burnie…

[You’ve waited for the bite to come out of the sun, and then you venture out with your camera in hand, trusty 26mm f/1.4 attached. It’s still warm, and there are people about… the lazy evenings that seem to start at about this time of year. You’re tired, and not really seeing things properly. But standing there, just next to the highway, there’s an excellent tree. Great shape, it’s not bothered by the noise and the heat and the smell and the fast of the cars behind it. It just keeps on marking time.

First of a new series of tree portraits I think… now I’m looking at trees in a context; where they find themselves and what surrounds them. These are the trees that exist because of, or around, our spaces, rather than outside of them. I’m excited – yes, about photos of trees, what’s your point – so let me know what you think…]

365 Project: Day 76

365 Project: Day 75

Day 75. Omar, I was in your town today… hasn’t really changed much, has it?

[So imagine you are walking through a park, as I was, suffering slightly from the heat, finding a cool spot in the shade, and then looking up, and finding yourself enclosed in the most beautiful canopy of trees and branches and leaves, that seem to be going out of their way, straining against the sky just to keep you cool in their gentle shade.  And then you look ahead, and see people walking hand in hand around the fountain, the familiar sound of the birds, someone reading a book and trying not to fall asleep in the sun. And then you know, because you can see it, smell it, feel it, hear it – Summer is nearly here. Welcome to my day.

And welcome, Samyang fisheye, making your first appearance on the blog! Hope we’ll see more from you in the weeks and months ahead.]

365 Project: Day 75

365 Project: Day 74


Day 74. Another lighthouse day! Another infrared day! Maybe I need some new ideas!

[I think I’ve said it all above! This is indeed another shot of the lighthouse from Day 65 & 67, but this time in infrared. I was talking to Sharon about IR the other day, suggesting that I’m starting to get a better idea about how it might work, and that I think it works best in situations where you have strong objects, and good skies. Like lighthouses, perhaps. This was the OM-D, and from memory, the 25mm f/1.4. Either that or the 14mm f/2.5. Pretty sure it was the former. I could check the EXIF of course, but not just now. :)]

365 Project: Day 74

365 Project: Day 73


Day 73. Big sky day. I love this time of year.

[Taken at Somerset, looking towards Table Cape, which you can just see in the shot – it’s the furthest piece of land. This was almost exactly the same spot as Day 71 actually, but looking in the other direction. Same lens too I think – the Samyang 14mm f/2.8. On the D700, it’s a SUPER wide lens – as in, try to remember not to get my feet in the shot… In many ways, this is a more ‘staple’ shot for me… I’ve had a couple of exhibitions of this kind of shot. Given the sky, I really did have to share it with you, but I think it’s lacking some of the simplicity of the direction I’ve been travelling in with this blog, and which I’ve really been quite enjoying. We’ll see if I can find it again tomorrow!]
PS: Just realised today is exactly one fifth of the way there – wow!

365 Project: Day 73

365 Project: Day 72


Day 72. Do you engage in a spot of personification when looking at macro-style shots? I find I can’t help myself most of the time… the two tall ones have just noticed each other above the crowd… a soul mate perhaps?

[Return of the swirly bokeh today! Taken at a place called Oldina Forest Reserve, which used to be really lovely, and now really isn’t… This is the same camera/lens setup as for Day 55, and has similar warm tones. A summer lens perhaps?]

365 Project: Day 72

365 Project: Day 71


Day 71. Glad to be out of the 60s – they seemed to go for a really long time!

[Another ‘tree portrait’ for today, but this one also proves that I do sometimes take them without using infrared! Particularly when I use the Nikon D700 rather than the OM-D, and this was definitely a Nikon day! So this was the D700 of course, with the Samyang 14mm f/2.8 attached to the front. If you’ve seen that lens, you’ll know that also means no filters – the front element is a huge dome! Well, not early Nikon fisheye huge, but certainly too big to allow for filter use…]

365 Project: Day 71

San Diego: A visual diary… Part 2

This is the second (and final) part of my visual travel diary from my trip to San Diego earlier this year… now that we’ve had the fun of Comic Con in my previous post, it’s not so easy to find the real standout images! Nevertheless, the things that caught my eye in the remainder of my trip are below…

The ballgame.

My first, and possibly last, real-life baseball game. If you thought cricket was a slow game, try baseball! By the time they have finished combing the field (literally – with big combs!), rearranging their players, entertaining the crowd with cheerleaders launching baseballs into the stands, and filming crowds of schoolkids filing into the stadium, someone hits a ball! But then they stop and comb the field again. It’s amazing how quickly it got so unkempt that it clearly needed a tidy…

Petco Park… this is clearly the best baseball stadium I’ve ever been to.  So many levels – we were still put up on the roof though!


Many people had many of these. And others with beer. This was my view… well, I moved the Coke after this shot of course!


And here is the stadium. After its 83rd careful grooming of the innings.

The streets.

Over the course of the conference, I managed to snatch some time most days (or nights – loved the summer light!) to get out and about. Here’s some shots from my wanderings…


I don’t really know what these do, but I like them…


The Gaslamp Quarter, where Comic Con was based, and where I spent most of my time (that’s my hotel in the background. Not ALL mine, but you know what I mean…)


This is the Midway. Or part of it, at least. Maybe I need a wider lens! Note the sections of deck converted to cafes. I’m sure these were very popular with the sailors… 😉


And this is the flight deck of the Midway, complete with benches so the sailors could get nice and close to the action as the planes took off… maybe…


On the tram… along with not many other people…


The bus was much more popular.


And this is where I went on the bus! Balboa Park, home to many museums…






And people! Lots of people.


And this was the very last shot I took, while waiting for the bus.

Thanks, San Diego… it was great. Hope to see you again someday.


San Diego: A visual diary… Part 2

365 Project: Day 69


Day 69. Another IR shot – sorry about that, but with all the sunny weather we’ve had of late, it’s so tempting to keep shooting these!

[This one is from a little town called Oatlands… this mill is still in operation. Nice little town, with lots of interesting places to take photos. Shame I was there for work and had only limited time to shoot! OM-D, and the Panasonic Leica 25mm – oh, you know it all by now!]

365 Project: Day 69

365 Project: Day 68


So on Day 68, it’s simple mathematics… take Day 57, add Day 62, and multiply by a couple of texture layers… bingo!

[Actually I’m not sure I have anything to add in parentheses for once – it really is what it says above. This was one of a series of shots where I have returned to an old photo-taking technique, namely packing my camera gear in a backpack, getting on my scooter, and going for a ride in the hills. I like this because I can stop wherever I like – no need for a wide verge to pull over onto. Anyway, OM-D, Panasonic Leica 25mm f/1.4, R72 infrared filter.]

365 Project: Day 68