San Diego: A visual diary… Part 1

Earlier this year, I was very lucky to have the opportunity to travel to San Diego… whilst I was mostly there for work, I did have plenty of opportunities to get out and about with my trusty OM-D. I’ve had the photos sitting around for a long time, gathering virtual dust and waiting to be processed.  A rainy Monday (public holiday of course!), and here they are. I’m no travel writer (I’ll leave that to my wife!), so I’ll mostly share through pictures, with some context added where I think of it!



There are only a few flights out of Burnie (where I live) each day, and the one I took meant I arrived in Melbourne too late to connect. Here’s the view from my rather lovely hotel room, directly opposite the terminal in Melbourne. And then I went on the plane. There’s no photos of that, because I’ve discovered people get a bit funny if you start waving a camera around mid-flight these days. Sad, but true…

A strange arrival.

When I arrived in San Diego, feeling tired and grubby, I discovered I had landed on the last day of Comic-Con International… I didn’t have a pass to get in to any of the venues, so I just joined the hundred-thousand-odd (some of them very odd) folks wandering around the streets. It was a slightly surreal, very interesting way to spend an afternoon…


Just an ordinary bike ride. With opaque goggles. And a codpiece. A spiky one.

BikeAnother bike rider… these guys were everywhere while Comic-Con was on. The next day… none. Do they travel with the shows, I wonder?

Apparently you can park in San Diego’s main street for as long as you like…


There was a lot of this sort of thing going on… (the end of the world, that is…) no-one seemed to be paying much attention though. Lots to see.


This guy had the job of holding back both vehicular and human traffic… respect.


Just one of many buskers… this guy played really well though.


A pretty convincing Kiki… I wonder if she sat there on purpose because she matched the flowers?


By the end of the afternoon, I felt like this too…


The family reunion was going very well…


A reasonably-sized boat. By reasonable, I mean it had its own helipad and helicopter, and two smaller boats hanging off the side. Like a giant, shiny Babuschka doll… Except more expensive…


She was either giving him a hug, or being eaten. Still not sure which.

San Diego: A visual diary… Part 1

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