San Diego: A visual diary… Part 2

This is the second (and final) part of my visual travel diary from my trip to San Diego earlier this year… now that we’ve had the fun of Comic Con in my previous post, it’s not so easy to find the real standout images! Nevertheless, the things that caught my eye in the remainder of my trip are below…

The ballgame.

My first, and possibly last, real-life baseball game. If you thought cricket was a slow game, try baseball! By the time they have finished combing the field (literally – with big combs!), rearranging their players, entertaining the crowd with cheerleaders launching baseballs into the stands, and filming crowds of schoolkids filing into the stadium, someone hits a ball! But then they stop and comb the field again. It’s amazing how quickly it got so unkempt that it clearly needed a tidy…

Petco Park… this is clearly the best baseball stadium I’ve ever been to.  So many levels – we were still put up on the roof though!


Many people had many of these. And others with beer. This was my view… well, I moved the Coke after this shot of course!


And here is the stadium. After its 83rd careful grooming of the innings.

The streets.

Over the course of the conference, I managed to snatch some time most days (or nights – loved the summer light!) to get out and about. Here’s some shots from my wanderings…


I don’t really know what these do, but I like them…


The Gaslamp Quarter, where Comic Con was based, and where I spent most of my time (that’s my hotel in the background. Not ALL mine, but you know what I mean…)


This is the Midway. Or part of it, at least. Maybe I need a wider lens! Note the sections of deck converted to cafes. I’m sure these were very popular with the sailors… 😉


And this is the flight deck of the Midway, complete with benches so the sailors could get nice and close to the action as the planes took off… maybe…


On the tram… along with not many other people…


The bus was much more popular.


And this is where I went on the bus! Balboa Park, home to many museums…






And people! Lots of people.


And this was the very last shot I took, while waiting for the bus.

Thanks, San Diego… it was great. Hope to see you again someday.


San Diego: A visual diary… Part 2

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