365 Project: Day 129

Day 129

Day 129. Quite clearly, this is another interpretation of that classic location that I previously featured on Day 118. I must say, I prefer the feel of that earlier shot – but really, I’m interested to hear your thoughts… which do you prefer, and why? (Oh, and this is another nice opportunity to keep going with the whole ‘seascape’ thing that I’ve been on for a few days now… tomorrow will be something else, I promise!!)

365 Project: Day 129

5 thoughts on “365 Project: Day 129

  1. I think what’s nicer about this one is that it expresses the unreality while still being grounded in reality, if you know what I mean. I love it, and I like the other one too.

  2. I like the unbalance (is that a word) of the light/colour – the bright burst on the left tips the image slightly and unbalances it. And the jetty seems to wobble too … or looks wonky … and that disrupts the serenity of the boat shed. Very evocative!

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