365 Project: Day 365

Day 365





This is it – stop.

I really didn’t think this would affect me at all, but it really has. I’m struggling to write this, to put into words how I feel about my learning, my journey, and what’s next. So perhaps I won’t. At least, not just now. For now I’ll leave you with this – an image that for me, really sums up my learning about processing, composing, shooting, communicating, and all of the processes in between.

Goodbye – for now.

365 Project: Day 365

8 thoughts on “365 Project: Day 365

  1. Very impressionistic! The waves of water remind me of Van Gogh’s brushstrokes and the water pooling between the man’s fingers makes me think of the ideas that you capture so eloquently. Ideas that form pools of imaginings and essences and impressions and make me see the world in a slightly different light.

    What a journey – I’m looking forward to the retrospective!

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