New project starting today!


So, as some of you may be aware, 2014 is going to be a year of beginnings for me, and a year of endings. I will be beginning a new job (and ending my old one), moving to a new state, a new city, a new pace and place of life. A new house. So many new things, and with each, comes the end of something else. In many cases, it’s the end of something I dearly love. I love Tasmania. I love Burnie. I love my wonderful house, with the view to the sea, which has never, not once, been the same in the four years we’ve lived here. So much to miss. But isn’t it better to part on good terms?

So, I have been thinking about how I might use photography as way of not only capturing my year of transitions, but also, in some way, helping to actually make sense of it.

And so that’s where my new idea comes in. I’m going to call it my 20/20 project – a photo every day from my last 20 days in Tasmania, followed by a photo every day for my first 20 days in Melbourne. Perhaps there will be some interesting contrasts? Perhaps I’ll learn something about beginnings and endings, and places, and how I make sense of these changes through the medium in which I’m most comfortable – the image? Perhaps not.

So I hope you’ll join me, on this journey from the end of a previous beginning, to the start of a new one… The first post will be up shortly.

New project starting today!

6 thoughts on “New project starting today!

  1. I am interested in how you do this too – the idea is a good one. It could even remove some of the associated stress of all those changes – keeping your seeing eye open could be distracting in just the right way. I am going to miss your Tasmania shots – so many of them are so good. But, I am sure I will become attached to your new place as well, through your eyes.

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