20/20 Project: Day 5, Tasmania

Day 5. Tasmania.

It’s always been a place of contrasts, this island. The old sits alongside the new, sometimes comfortably, at other times not so much. Nature sits alongside human structures. City sits alongside amazing wilderness. And because it’s a relatively small island, these contrasts take place within minutes, not hours or days. From where I live, I can be standing on the beach in five minutes. Or walking through a rainforest in an hour. Or standing on top of a mountain in about the same. Everything is compressed, close, and that makes the contrasts even more striking, and breathtaking, and wonderful… I think there’s a little of that contrast in this shot – the gentle, organic shadows of the leaves on the geometrically neat bricks. The trees reaching up against the backdrop of heavy structures and grids. The darkness of the archway, against the lightness beyond.


20/20 Project: Day 5, Tasmania

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