20/20 Project: Day 15, Tasmania

Day 15. Tasmania.

Beauty exists on every scale here; from the unique stripes on a leaf, standing out in a sea of green, through to the play of light bursting through clouds and selecting just the right spot to warm. And I’m leaving it behind – for what kind of beauty? I don’t know. Yet. But I’m convinced that every place has its magic – we just need to learn to see it. That learning starts next week.


20/20 Project: Day 15, Tasmania

One thought on “20/20 Project: Day 15, Tasmania

  1. I admire the way you have captured the patch of sun breaking through the clouds to bless the hills below. Whenever I see this in ‘real life’ I find the image quite divine and am tempted to snap it – then I remember I am hopeless at photography and resort to staring at the majestic image in an attempt to create a polaroid in my mind.

    The whole photo is lovely, but I especially like the sun 🙂

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