20/20 Project: Day 20, Melbourne.

Day 20. Melbourne.

So I guess this is it, at least for this project. One thing that this has done is helped me to approach my new environment(s) with interest and enthusiasm. It’s meant I’ve really focused on what is new, what is different, what is challenging, and I’ve enjoyed that experience. It hasn’t made me mourn what I’ve given up by moving here, which has surprised me a bit. Perhaps I’m better at hitting the ground running than I had thought I would be. There has been frustration, and stress, but I (we) have pulled through that. And I feel it’s all only just beginning.

One thing that I’m coming to understand, just a little bit, from this experience of newness and difference, is that it’s not so much who or what or where we are that defines us and gives a measure of our character; rather, it’s how we respond to the things and people and places that we are not. I hope I haven’t come up too short in that assessment.

It’s been an interesting 40 days. Thanks for joining me along the way.

So… what happens now?


20/20 Project: Day 20, Melbourne.