Melbourne 365: Day 5

I have found myself snagged on the world of green.

I left a small thread of me there, caught on the edge of the wilderness,

Somewhere between the mountains and the forest.

And now I can still feel it

Every now and then I catch myself on a memory

And the thread, stretched tight to where I am now, 

Hums and sings, and the sound calls me away to the other place

Where I belong.


Melbourne 365: Day 5

Melbourne 365: Day 4

We stitch our lines across the sky, dividing it into tiny patches, blocking out the blue with our glass and concrete. 

We draw the buildings tight, firming the sutures. 

And just like that, it all disappears. Day and night. Light and dark. Sun and rain. And still we pull the threads tighter and tighter. 

Waiting for our wounds to heal.  


Melbourne 365: Day 4