Melbourne 365: Day 1

Hello. As you may be aware, a while ago now I undertook a 365 project, and made it through the year. I enjoyed it immensely – I learnt a great deal more about photography, post-processing, writing, and myself as a photographer and artist. I was sure, coming off the end of that project, that I had established something – momentum, possibly – that would carry me through continued art making.

And for a while, it did.

And then I stopped.

Oh sure, I moved to another state, began a new (demanding) job, and found myself in an entirely different landscape to the one I knew how to see. But really, that’s just life, and I can’t blame a lack of artistic drive on life…

So now, I want to start moving again (photographically speaking!). I figure I could wait until I feel comfortable enough in my location, familiar enough with a way of seeing this new environment, and then start photographing again. Or, I could use photography to become familiar with my new location. So let’s give that a go – let’s return to the 365 project. Version 2. This time, rather than constraints of equipment, I’m going to go for constraints of location.

For the next 365 days, I’ll show you what I see of my new city. 365 views of this wonderful, welcoming, intriguing city of Melbourne.

Let’s start here, and now, with day 1. Hope you’ll stick around for the next 364…



Here’s to new beginnings…

Melbourne 365: Day 1

One thought on “Melbourne 365: Day 1

  1. From what I’ve seen already (in the past few weeks/months) I’d say that you see your new city far better than you realize. But I’ll just take this as yet another sign of your artistic integrity.

    Can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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