Melbourne 365: Day 80

Under the bridge…

[Edit: Sharon suggested that if this is more than just ‘a photo of a car’, then I should explain a little more about it. The thing that caught my attention at the time, and now, is the contrasts. There’s the contrast between the heavy, angular, metallic structures of the bridge, and then the cleaner, simpler lines of the road below. And the contrast between the darkness, and that thin ribbon of light peering through the gaps… because as we know, the cracks are how the light gets in… Sharon also suggested that I should say a little more about the location. If you’ve ever caught a train on the Lilydale line towards the city, you’ve been over this spot. It’s Swan Street in Richmond, just near Richmond Station. An interesting spot, which I really should get around to exploring again…]


Melbourne 365: Day 80

2 thoughts on “Melbourne 365: Day 80

  1. Your description causes me to look differently and therefore to see differently. I could interpret the image for myself, and I still can, but your words give me an insight into your thinking and the way you see the world. This adds something to the image and to my experience of it. Thanks for the description.

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