Melbourne 365: Day 88


Something about this location has me thinking about it, long after I’ve physically moved on. The space, and perhaps even more so the image of it, seems somehow unresolved to me. I see these large, heavy, solid, old, worn, doors, their history of movement etched into the scratches on their face.

And then I see the cracks and the light, the clarity and the sense of space all around them… are the doors holding it all at bay, restraining it, or are they just about to burst open, let the outside in?

Do I see an end, or a beginning? Or is it both, all at the same time?

And is that lack of resolution a constraint, or a freedom? Or is it both, all at the same time?


Melbourne 365: Day 88

3 thoughts on “Melbourne 365: Day 88

  1. For me, something is about to burst through. It says excitement and possibility; anticipation and expectancy. Something on the cusp; about to happen; about to break through. But in a good way. There’s the doors to get through and then the doorway; not just one arrival, but a series of arrivals, always somewhere else to move to/through. There is the potential of a journey held within the frame. It’s a doorway but so much more.
    I like the way you see.

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