A day in the life: Pt.1

I set myself a challenge yesterday – to spend a day in and around Melbourne (where I live), shooting ‘a roll’ of exposures. This meant only 24 shots across the whole day. No deleting, no taking 50 and choosing the best ones: 24 shots only.

And then processing all 24 – no rating shots in LR and deleting those that look a bit too tricky to process – ALL 24.

So, over the next 24 posts, my day will unfold…


9:37am. Glenferrie Station.
Lactose-free latte courtesy of The Little Tuck Shop. Cold, hence the gloves… ready to head into the city and waiting for my (late) train.


2 thoughts on “90.

  1. Really cool idea! I did that once, to allow myself to take only 24 photos as if it was a roll of film that I couldn’t see, choose or delete beforehand. It’s a great exercise 🙂 I should repeat it someday. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of your shots!

    1. Thanks Ines! It certainly is a valuable exercise and really gave me pause to think about actually taking shots with intention. I think I’ve fallen into the trap of taking 300 photos, then filtering down to about 10 at the processing stage – this was a much more reflective process!

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