A day in the life: Pt.3


10:08:56am. Federation Square (the back bit).
The ice skating rink is interesting in a “you wouldn’t expect to find one of these in Melbourne” sort of way, but not really in a “that’s a great photograph!” sort of way, so I move on. In trying to gain an elevated view of the rink, I’ve found myself in a quiet part of Fed Square that I’ve not ever really noticed before. There’s a transparent plastic roof on this part, and as I look up to admire the angles of the buildings (I really do like the architecture of Fed Square), I see these leaves. It’s actually the ‘ghost leaf’ on the left that catches my attention first; I see it as something of a metaphor for the Autumn/Winter transition that, at least in my mind, is still under way. The last leaves are still hanging on, but more let go every day, and we tread through them, grinding them into the footpath in a kind of grey pulp. And then they are gone. Not even shadows left behind…


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