Threes – when I came across this scene and decided to capture it, it was the rather odd shape of the person lying down at the top of the stairs that first caught my eye. Then with viewfinder to eye I decided to include the other two people as well – I liked the contrast in shapes they created and I felt it showed something of the diversity of the scene that always unfolds in this very popular tourist spot. It was actually only later after developing the film that I noticed there were three ‘sails’ forming the backdrop of the shot; hence the title. Luck or intuition? You be the judge…


One thought on “407.

  1. I think that sometimes we see things without really realizing it in the moment. When you take photos for a long time your eyes are trained and it becomes natural to shoot.
    I’m not sure it makes sense, I hope you can understand what I mean 😉
    Great photo as always!

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