From the archives… 2008, specifically. I’m in the process of uploading some of my older work to a microstock site, and the process of sifting through and appraising my work with this different end point in mind has been extremely interesting. I can see my development, both technically and in terms of my compositional/creative interpretations, and also where I’ve pursued certain approaches wholeheartedly, and then abandoned them almost entirely (think HDR, urban exploration, IR, and combinations of these!) – in none of these cases do I look back now and wish I’d kept going with them!

Most of the images don’t really stand up to my current work (at least in my eyes). There are a few odd ones here and there that I’m still rather fond of. This image, in particular, is still probably in my top 25 all-time favourite shots that I’ve taken. At the time, it looked absolutely nothing like anything else I was taking.

I wonder whether I’ll look back on my current work in another 9 years, and feel the same way about it? And is that a bad thing?


One thought on “521.

  1. No, it’s not a bad thing, but you know that. I was just thinking you’ve been an accomplished photographer for a while, looking at the others from 2008 you posted…but I’m sure what you said is true to, that you’ve grown a lot.

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