Self-Portrait #1

Hello WordPress world… it’s been a while.

Here in Melbourne, in Stage 4 lockdown, all of the distractions and excuses and reasons not to post to WordPress seem to have been stripped away. And so here I am.


Looking for something to keep my brain from chewing on itself, I said to Sharon I’d like to do another photography project. But when we can’t go more than 5 kilometres from home, and can only leave once a day, and for only one of four reasons, and when I have photographed every dusty square centimetre of our home, what’s left?


And so let’s see how many of these I can do, either before lockdown lifts and our world once again starts to expand, or before I have photographed every dusty square centimetre of my face.

Here’s #1.

Self-Portrait #1

6 thoughts on “Self-Portrait #1

  1. Excellent! Both the Self-portrait and the Seeing-of-your-work!
    Despite what the now-overwhelming glut of “selfies” in our current self-absorbed media culture might suggest, self-portraiture is quite the challenge. One that I am quite certain you are up for.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with.
    Good to have you back, Tim.

    1. Thanks so much! It’s kind of great to be back, actually…

      Thinking this is my project for the next little while… let’s see if it degenerates into selfies (or perhaps more accurately how long that takes…)

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