52 Projects week 2: Lights, Camera, Action!

Well I’m up to my second week of following the projects in the book 52 Assignments: Street Photography by Brian Lloyd Duckett.

Following on from last week, it seems I’m really no good at following the sequence in the book, but I think that’s okay! For my second week, I chose the Week 15 topic – Lights, Camera, Action! The brief this time is to create a new poster for a famous film, that gives a good indication of what the film is all about, using only things you can find in your local area.

So here’s mine – for some reason I went completely blank and couldn’t think of a single film, but a quick iTunes search fixed that up and I came across The Money Pit, a mid-80s film starring Tom Hanks. I can only vaguely remember seeing it, but from memory it’s all about a couple who buy a fancy house that is very cheap because it needs a little ‘fixing up’… my image isn’t particularly subtle but hopefully it conveys that theme!

What film would you choose for this project brief?

52 Projects week 2: Lights, Camera, Action!

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