52 Projects week 7: Sign of the times

Here we are in week 7 of following the projects in the book 52 Assignments: Street Photography by Brian Lloyd Duckett. I’ve been free-ranging across the themes a little, but with this assignment completed I’m now back on track with the sequence in the book!

This time the assignment was to create a series of six images where signs are the star; where there is a connection between a sign or text of some kind, and other elements of the image.

I found this one quite challenging – more than I had expected. Sharon was with me but following a different assignment (she’s part of a group of photographers working on a project to catalogue all of Melbourne’s surviving city laneways), which meant we were focusing on different things. I found I missed the capacity to ‘bounce off’ each other in exploring the theme. We were also constrained to a specific city block as that’s where Sharon’s laneways were located, and as it happens it was a block where I used to work. That meant I found it a little tricky to find new ways to see the very familiar.

I returned home from the afternoon’s photography feeling a little deflated, almost certain that I hadn’t managed to capture anything of any relevance or connection to the assignment. However, when working through the images in Lightroom I was quite pleased to find pretty much six images that I was comfortable with. So, not a loss after all! Some of the sign/text <-> image connections are perhaps a little too vague or small, but see what you think anyway…

52 Projects week 7: Sign of the times

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