We push open the cracked door, and listen to it complain as rusty hinges bite. The greenhouse is old, dusty; plants are spilling over their baskets reaching for the ground. After a few minutes, I look outside; the sky is gone. So are the hills and the trees, lost in a thick, damp fog.

It’s as though we have skipped a season, time moving faster outside than here with us. But that’s okay: I’m warm, I’m dry, and I’m with you.


20/20 Project: Days 1-7, Melbourne

Days 1-7. Melbourne.

Leaving. Hurrying to the top deck before all the colour is gone. Cabin. No windows. Driving. Arriving. No internet. No phone. No TV. No furniture. Road trip. Sun. Sand. Wind. More wind. Chicken parmi. Driving. Trees falling. Arriving back. Still no internet, phone, TV. Unpacking. Lots of unpacking. Boxes. Paper. Power cords. Extension cords. Heatwave. Bushfires. Buying fans. Eating out. Trips to IKEA. Tip runs. Green waste. Driving. Changing gears. Walking. Hot. Sweating. Getting ready for work. New work. New job. New city. Lots to think about. Where did I put the spare scooter key? And the lease? And my new office key?

Still no phone, internet, TV.

It’s a blur. Here is the evidence, in no particular order other than the order that makes sense to me now…




























20/20 Project: Days 1-7, Melbourne

20/20 Project: Day 15, Tasmania

Day 15. Tasmania.

Beauty exists on every scale here; from the unique stripes on a leaf, standing out in a sea of green, through to the play of light bursting through clouds and selecting just the right spot to warm. And I’m leaving it behind – for what kind of beauty? I don’t know. Yet. But I’m convinced that every place has its magic – we just need to learn to see it. That learning starts next week.


20/20 Project: Day 15, Tasmania

20/20 Project: Day 14, Tasmania.

Day 14. Tasmania.

A quintessentially Tasmanian image. Bold colours; simple colours. Trees, grass, clouds, and so much sky. Natural and constructed, wrapped around each other with an easy unconsciousness. And it’s all within 10 minutes of a decent sized town. So much to miss when I’m no longer here. And because it’s so easy to find, and so much everywhere here, does that mean I won’t even notice that it’s gone? We’ll see; soon.


20/20 Project: Day 14, Tasmania.