20/20 Project: Days 1-7, Melbourne

Days 1-7. Melbourne.

Leaving. Hurrying to the top deck before all the colour is gone. Cabin. No windows. Driving. Arriving. No internet. No phone. No TV. No furniture. Road trip. Sun. Sand. Wind. More wind. Chicken parmi. Driving. Trees falling. Arriving back. Still no internet, phone, TV. Unpacking. Lots of unpacking. Boxes. Paper. Power cords. Extension cords. Heatwave. Bushfires. Buying fans. Eating out. Trips to IKEA. Tip runs. Green waste. Driving. Changing gears. Walking. Hot. Sweating. Getting ready for work. New work. New job. New city. Lots to think about. Where did I put the spare scooter key? And the lease? And my new office key?

Still no phone, internet, TV.

It’s a blur. Here is the evidence, in no particular order other than the order that makes sense to me now…




























20/20 Project: Days 1-7, Melbourne

365 Project: Day 267

Day 267

Day 267. Another cold, grey morning. Lying in bed, trying to work up the will to go out and shoot, on another cold, grey morning. I decide to go. The light is flat, dull, and I think of something I read, where the difference between a good and a bad photo, more often than not, can be determined in the first instance by the quality of the light. This morning’s light is lacking in quality. Still, I push on. As I drive up and out of the valley, suddenly the clouds part, just for the very briefest of moments, just a breath in the sky, exhale and it’s gone. But in that moment, the whole valley was flooded with light, catching the mist creeping its way along the river. As it burns away in the shock of it all, I’m there, for once, camera in hand.

Sharon suggests that I might be learning patience. Maybe. I tend to think it was just bloody-mindedness, stubbornness, something like that. Maybe they are all the same thing?

365 Project: Day 267

365 Project: Day 252

Day 252

Day 252. We have all the time that there is. (The technical experts will know, of course, that this is less than perfect in that respect… highlights are blown, shadows are just blocks of black… but isn’t the sun usually pretty bright anyway? It certainly felt that way this morning! And if I’m honest,  the most popular of my shots in this project, and I mean this happens consistently, are those with technical flaws…)

365 Project: Day 252

365 Project: Day 164

Day 164

Day 164. I always think that moment just before the sun rises is such an optimistic moment… full of promise, potential, possibility. I try not to get swept up in the feeling (focus on the shot), and sometimes succeed, but to be truthful I’m usually happier when I don’t. Photography, I love that you give me a reason to be there, to see this, so many times. Hello, Hobart. Welcome to the day.

365 Project: Day 164

365 Project: Day 162

Day 162

Day 162. Yes, I know, yet another morning of boats, bits of random  jetty detritus, colourful skies, and gorgeous water… who would live in such a place?? Something about the texture of the waves that I like in this one, and the layers of colour that they contain. Reminds me that not all water shots need the ND110 filter to work out okay!

365 Project: Day 162