52 Projects week 6: After Dark

Here we are in week 6 of following the projects in the book 52 Assignments: Street Photography by Brian Lloyd Duckett. I’ve been free-ranging across the themes a little, but we are almost back in sequence with the book now!

The assignment this time was to go out after dark and produce a series of nine images, all focusing on a shared theme or idea. As usual, I kept my focus local rather than venturing into the city.

I’ve done plenty of street photography at night over the years, but I must admit it’s been quite a few years since then! It was good fun to get out there with a theme in mind as well – my focus this time was food places, and being on the outside looking in. Lots of interesting things going on, from in-depth conversations to diners lost in thought. Here’s a tip – apparently 9:00pm on a Sunday night is the perfect time for frozen yoghurt, judging by the length of the queue! Sharon joined me on this assignment again which always makes it more fun and interesting. Sharon focused on neon lights (and other bright signs) – who knew our local shops could be such a rich source of images across multiple themes and ideas?

I also had to remember how to process night photos, and ended up really enjoying the whole exercise. Thank goodness for long weekends so that I could be out so late on a Sunday.

52 Projects week 6: After Dark

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