This is not a blog post

This is not a blog post. I don’t write those any more.
I used to write them though. But then I got caught up in looking for things – finding patterns, seeing meanings, chasing connections, forcing them at times.

And so I stopped.

In the beginning, it was different. In the beginning, it was about play – playing with words, throwing a bunch of them out there like drops into the ocean, to see which would be washed away and lost, and which would float to the surface, even just for a minute. And playing with images, too, with the same principle – what would catch my eye, what would engage me in lingering, pausing, freezing. But then I found myself just counting the tide, trying to make some float. And they don’t all want to float. They aren’t all meant to float. Not all connections lead me somewhere I need to do. Others, which bubbled up of their own accord, I didn’t even notice. They bobbed for a while, took their last blinking view of the world, and then let go, sinking to the bottom. I stopped seeing, because I was too busy looking. And I can’t do that any more.

Let’s try to do it differently this time. How about this time I focus on the seeing, and you do the looking?

So, this is not a blog post.

Instead, perhaps, it’s a new beginning…
Or maybe it’s not – let’s not spoil it by trying to make it float. Let’s see if it rises to the top of its own accord…


This is not a blog post

3 thoughts on “This is not a blog post

  1. I like your photo too, however why that subject? Yes it is a good but
    The door is not used
    It is bared
    No way of entering from outside
    Uncared for.

    What did you see that I have missed?

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