Melbourne 365: Day 349

We are on the home run now… just under 20 days to go. My wife Sharon had a great idea to see us to the end of this project – finish with a series of images of things that are quintessentially… Melbourne. Icons, if you will.

So our first is the Royal Exhibition Building, nestled right in the middle of Carlton Gardens, still being used almost daily, having stood for almost 140 years (I know in some countries that’s almost like yesterday, but in the timespan of European colonisation in Australia, it’s actually kind of a big deal). I’m going to try to find my own spin on each icon, to find my own way of seeing it. Today, I’m thinking that our future always reflects where we’ve been – we build in the shadows of what came before. Our dreams for tomorrow reflect our ambitions of yesterday.

(By the way, I’ve asked Sharon – who is an outstanding photographer, if you didn’t already know – to also take part in this ‘icons’ series… so head over to her blog to check out her view of each scene. Two views photography lives again!)


Melbourne 365: Day 349

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